Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Gynoii WiFi Video Baby Monitor - REVIEW

Gynoii WiFi Video Baby Monitor

I am expecting my first child this summer so I was actively searching for a video baby monitor. I was somewhat troubled by the reviews of some of the higher brand monitors so a friend recommended the Gynoii brand to me. I was lucky enough to be offered this particular monitor at a discounted price in exchange for my review.

The Gynoii monitor arrived in a great, sturdy box. My box arrived with a small dent in one corner but the inside is packaged perfectly to avoid damage during transit. The monitor itself was a little bigger than I was expecting it to be (including the antenna which is not show in the main photo), however it's not so big that I won't be able to move it from room to room as needed. Included in the box is the monitor, a power adapter, an ethernet cord (not sure what this is for, I didn't use it), a wall mount with screws, and a quick installation guide. My first piece of advise is to ignore the quick installation guide and search for a setup video for this monitor. I had trouble setting mine up until I realized that my phone had to be connected to the monitor's wi-fi initially instead of my home's wi-fi. This is not mentioned anywhere in the quick installation guide so the setup was extremely confusing/frustration (hence the 4 star review).

Once I got everything up and running, I have to admit that I was disappointed at the quality of the video on my phone. It didn't realize that the video was initially set at low quality, once I changed it to high quality the image was crystal clear and I was extremely happy. There is a 1-2 second delay on the video and sound (this will depend on the speed of your in home wi-fi) which I'm sure most video monitors have, but I don't have another to compare this to. This doesn't bother me but I thought it was worth mentioning in case you may be bothered by it.

I haven't set up the wall mount yet, however I do wish it had some kind of clip instead of being permanently attached to the wall. My baby will likely be sleeping in different rooms so I was hoping for an easy way to move the monitor from room to room. I will most likely attach some heavy duty velcro to the back of the wall mount to solve the issue. Also, it is good to keep in mind that the monitor does not run on batteries, it needs to be plugged in at all times and the cord is a bit on the shorter side. Again, not a huge problem but worth mentioning.

In my opinion, the best feature of this particular monitor is the guest account. I love knowing that my husband's family, who live over 1000 miles away, will be able to look in on the baby whenever they want to. They simply turn on the app, connect to the guest account, and see the monitor's output in real time. It can even be set so that they can talk to the baby through the monitor.

The android app is very nicely designed. I had some trouble getting the panning to work at first but a reset on the camera corrected this right away. I love that you can play music and talk to the baby right through the app. You can also take photos and record short videos. I have not yet tried the night vision but I will be sure to report back on how well that works when I do get to try it out.

Overall this is a solid monitor that I am sure we will get tons of use out of. I love the security of knowing that I will be able to keep an eye on my sleeping baby even when she is in another room. I am so happy that this brand was recommended to me and I will be sure to keep watch on their future products!

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